Abby’s role is to make sure your first impression is one of genuine love and comfort.  As Director of Communications, Abby coordinates all of the experiential components of the various weekend environments.  Her passion is to ensure that whether you are a first time visitor or a regular attender, you feel welcomed and invited.

Born in Texas, Abby was raised a “military brat” with her family moving throughout the United States, and even to Japan.  Relocating every 2-4 years taught Abby the value of making friends quickly no matter where you lived.  Abby went to Milligan College on a soccer scholarship, and received her Bachelor’s in business.  This is also where she met Brad.  Abby and Brad have been married 15 years and have 5 children.


Book: Red Tent by Anita Diamant
Food: Authentic Japanese, hard to come by in the USA
TV Show: Anything with comic books or friends reruns
Snack Food: Reese’s cups and boiled peanuts!
Movie: When Harry Met Sally
Musical Artists: Coldplay
Time of Day: 9am on a Saturday, or 8pm on a Friday
Place in the World: Vacation with my family
Place to Pray: Quiet patio
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Soccer, golf, running, volleyball… pretty much anything outdoors or sports related
Verses from the Bible: John 13:34-35
Sport: Soccer Baby!  USA USA USA


Food: Chicken Feet
Snack Food: Pig Feet
Place in the World: Arctic
Time of Day: 2am when my baby wakes me because he’s pooped.


Life Motto: “No worries.”
Three People I’d Like to Meet: Elvis, Mother Theresa, any president
My Hero: My husband.
Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I speak Japanese…somewhat.
One of My Greatest Experiences with God: When God brought my son Wyatt back to life.

"I am a huge fan of all things Japanese."

− Abby Zachritz

"I love when people gawk at how many kids I have."

− Abby Zachritz

"I embarrassed myself completely in 8th grade when I rapped what I thought was Biggie Smalls, 'I love it when they call me Big Boppa!' Yeah, I was that cool."

− Abby Zachritz