Brad is the founder and Lead Pastor at Shift Church. He has a deep desire to see people connect to Christ through practical and relevant weekly messages. Brad’s dream is to build a healthy church to serve the Gainesville community. God is using him to lead, teach and inspire the staff and dream team to help carry out the vision.

Born and raised in Florida, Brad attended Milligan College in Tennessee where he met his incredible wife, Abby. They have been blessed with five amazing children, Annabell, Ford, Jude, Wyatt, and Luke. Brad has been serving the local church for the last 12 years. Throughout Brad’s life, God has been building him to be a leader within the church, and has specifically prepared him for Gainesville.


Book: Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley, The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni, The Bible by God
Food: Chicken wings
TV Show: Fixer Upper, River Monsters, American Pickers
Snack Food: Chicken wings, beef jerky
Movie: Fight Club, Avengers
Musical Artists: Pearl Jam, Andy Mineo
Time of Day: Coffee time
Place in the World: Jamaica, or any beach
Place to Pray: Out for a jog, swing in the front yard or a beach
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Fishing, basketball, wrestling with my boys
Verses from the Bible: Acts 15:19, Matthew 16:18
Sport: Baseball, basketball, football or just about anything with a ball


Food: Haven’t found one
Snack Food: Not getting one
Place in the World: GA…I always get speeding tickets
Time of Day: 3 am…if I am up, I am not happy…thanks kids


Life Motto: “If not me, then who?”
Three People I’d Like to Meet: Tim Tebow, The Dos Equis guy, and LeCrae
My Hero: My dad
Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I’m scared to death to speak in front of people.
One of My Greatest Experiences with God: The birth of our first child…understood His love a little more!

"I have a secret dream to wrestle a gator and win."

− Brad Zachritz

"When I retire, my goal is to also retire my razor."

− Brad Zachritz

"While in high school, I quit the band to play sports…good choice, college for free."

− Brad Zachritz