Chris was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Throughout his life, God was preparing him for worship even when he didn’t know it. In 2015, he graduated from the University of Florida, moved to Gainesville, and got married! During his time as a student at UF, he heard about this “hipster” church coming to Gainesville, and instantly got plugged into worship at Shift!


Book: As an English Major, this is an impossible question.
Food: Any burger from “The Top”
TV Show: Parks and Recreation
Snack Food: Taco Bell
Movie: Napoleon Dynamite
Musical Artists: Chris Quilala, Ben Gibbard, anything that isn’t from the 80’s
Time of Day: Early Morning. I don’t like getting up early though…
Place in the World: NYC
Place to Pray: Outside
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Running
Verses from the Bible: Amos 4:13; Isaiah 6:8
Sport: Basketball…to watch…


Food: Olives
Snack Food: Salt and Vinegar Chips
Place in the World: Newberry and I-75
Time of Day: Noon. Way too hot.


Life Motto: “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there.”
Three People I’d Like to Meet: Shakespeare, Theodore Roosevelt, Paul
My Hero: My Dad
Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I can ride a unicycle. Like the really tall ones.
One of My Greatest Experiences with God:


− Chris Stich