Internship and Resident Program Information

Shift Church represents a movement of people that want to see a change happen throughout the city of Gainesville. We invite you to join us, be part of the story, and help write the next chapter. The concept was to open a different kind of church in Gainesville. The dream began in 2012 and by 2014 Shift launched its first service. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment that allows real people to engage and interact with each other. Armed with culturally relevant and practical messages to guide their everyday lives, we want people to maximize their potential and use their gifts to benefit others in our community. We aim to stretch and challenge people to have a personal relationship with God. We want to change the way people view church and ultimately God. Shift is committed to partnering with organizations in Gainesville that are making a difference. Peaceful Paths, Family Promise, Made New Art and Created are a few of those difference makers.

    Benefits of applying include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Leadership Development
  • Real World Ministry Experience
  • Pastoral Care and Coaching
  • Not for Profit Organizational Experience
  • Development of Resource and Time Management Skills
    Positions Available:

  • Childrens
  • Students
  • Events
  • Worship Arts
  • General Internship (rotation through all areas of ministry)
  • Resident Program


  • Prospective interns who are selected will be working within our Child and Youth Program (Treehouse or Second Shift), Events, Worship Arts, or selecting a general internship to help discern ministry callings. This internship gives firsthand experience in providing excellent environments for people to experience God’s love. In Addition to planning, facilitating meetings, and learning how to prepare for ministry. There will also be opportunities to intern/volunteer in other areas of the church. Interns will have the opportunity to work firsthand with the lead pastor and director of the perspective area while providing support, learning to plan, and helping prepare and execute an excellent experience. To begin this process, please fill out the application below or send resume and cover letter to

Resident Program

  • Residents begin with the vision of a new church. Over 9-12 months, we share with them everything we’ve learned about building a healthy, thriving church. We help them develop their vision, build a strong team, raise the resources they need, and develop the strategies and systems of a gospel-centered church. We help them clarify what kind of church God has called them to build and how to make that dream a reality. We currently take 2 residents a year. Residents gather once a month for training and coaching with seasoned pastors and planters. Full-time residents serve on staff and prepare to be sent from Shift church. To begin this process, please fill out the application below or send resume and cover letter to


The Commitment

Those who are interested in applying for this internship should enjoy working with people from a variety of ages and backgrounds, and exhibit patience, understanding, empathy, and a commitment to the community we serve.

Interns should expect to work 10-40 hours a week within their program (hours will be discussed and solidified before start date). Interns are expected to be available Sundays as well as determined time with area director. There will also be opportunities during normal business hours for clerical work and program development. Our staff also meets weekly, that meeting is scheduled based on the availability of the staff as a whole, and interns are expected to attend when available. Selected interns will also be required to attend all trainings and conferences (depending on level of internship). To not attend a training or conference, approval must be signed off by department lead.

***Residents will have similar expectations as full time staff and will be given handbook on approval of application.

Is this a paid internship?

No, all internships are volunteer basis. Although you’re not paid monetarily, you walk away with real world skills that you will be able to apply within your future business or ministry.

Will there be transportation and housing?

If you are not a local intern, housing can be arranged if needed.

Are residents paid?

Yes, residents will fundraise their salary while a resident. Payment is based on the amount discussed with lead pastor and will be paid on the amount fundraised.

Summer Deadline

For Summer applicants, please apply by MIDNIGHT on March 31st.

Fall/Spring Deadline

For Fall/Spring applicants, please apply by MIDNIGHT on July 20th.