Our Services

Come as you are. We are more concerned with meeting your life needs than what you wear. So dress casually and enjoy our upbeat music, media and real life teaching from the Bible. The worship experience will last about one hour. What you learn on the weekend, you’ll be able to use during the week.

Don’t panic. No one is going to single you out or ask you to stand up and give your name.

Singing. We usually sing some simple songs to God each Sunday. A lot of people will stand while we sing, but you can feel free to have a seat at any time. Just be comfortable.

Services are Free. We do have a place where people can give in person and online but we do not pass a plate. If you’re on board with our mission and what we are doing then feel free to give.

Take Away. Our speaker will give a 25 to 30 minute practical message about applying Jesus’s truths to life’s challenges.