Treehouse Kidz

When you visit Shift Church in Gainesville you may notice we have a lot of families with children. We place a high value on Family; so we offer Treehouse Kidz every service to ensure your children are well taken care of and well equipped for the world around them.

More Information for Parents

A Church for the Rest of Us

Gainesville doesn’t need another church,
it needs a different kind of church.

Shift is not a building or a location,
Shift is a movement of people.

We are passionate about existing for more than ourselves.
We exist for the people that aren’t here yet.

We are more than Sunday mornings.
We make a difference in our city.

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What should I expect ?

Shift, Grow, Go

"Gainesville needs a church for young families, Shift Church meets that need."

− Kyra

"After visiting, I'm more confident than ever that God is at work in Shift Church."

− Justin

"Shift Church is the family that I desperately needed."

− Carolina

"Somebody was thinking big."

− Bryon